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As part of the Société Générale Group, Societe Generale Equipment Finance has always benefited from the historical background of the bank within the high-tech community. A large number of leading international high-tech manufacturers are Société Générale customers. Since the early eighties, we have progressively developed our activities through partnerships in the field of IT and both medical and office equipment. Twenty years on, we are the European leader in this segment - and the natural entry point for US manufacturers looking for support to finance their sales.

Controlling the transformation of technology
The rapid transformation of technology makes it imperative for high-tech equipment manufacturers and distributors to address their customers' changing needs at the right moment. This means they must be in constant contact. Anticipating and controlling technological changes in their customer base is one of the most important challenges facing players that want to prevent competitors from penetrating their market. The sales-enhancing value of leasing is widely understood by most equipment providers. They recognise that leasing programmes really do generate incremental equipment sales and help them achieve a greater degree of customer control.

European approach
Most leading high-tech equipment manufacturers and distributors have already created their own captive financing solution at European level or will do so in future. Most of them are attempting to integrate lease financing more closely with their equipment sales activities. Whether financing or refinancing, we provide a wide spectrum
of services in each country that European vendors of the following products can use for all kinds of captive financing.


- Hardware: mainframes, UNIX and NT servers, PCs
- Software: OS, databases, enterprise solutions, e-business suites
- Peripheral: disk drives, printers, libraries

Office equipment:
- Photocopiers: copiers, document-management systems, graphics
- Telecommunication: faxes, switchboards
- Electronic office equipment for SMEs

- X-ray systems
- Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment
- Nuclear medicine
- Biology
- Dental equipment